Korea jellyfish is a jellyfish processing company specialized in producing,
selling of fresh jellyfish.

Since foundation of company as SEA & FOOD Co., Ltd. in 1993, we are processing a single item and, based on 8-year of processing technology, we changed company name to current Korea jellyfish inc, and making a sound and solid company, aiming at world‘s first professional jellyfish processing company.

Most of jellyfish currently sold for table use in Korea is being sold after importing raw materials from foreign country and passing through a simple processing, and the quality of product is determined according to the production center and grade of raw materials.

We Korea jellyfish directly import jellyfish, which is caught and processed at local factory in Thailand, and supply it to domestic market as well as export it to U.S., Canada, Australia, and middle east, and recently we are preparing to export vinegared jellyfish and rice-use jellyfish and Shabu-Shabu jellyfish to Japan and China.

In the future we are going to continue challenge and study, aiming at lease of new product that corresponds to the favorite taste of consumers through simplification and upgrade.

We thank all of those who gave support to us Korea jellyfish so far, and all our directors and employees will do our bests in order to supply top class jellyfish to world market.

We are going to put your warm love and our sincerity into each piece of our product.
Thank you.

Lee Jaesin, representative of Korea jellyfish inc.