• Jellyfish ingredients: Shabu-Shabu jellyfish (Salted and instant jellyfish ) 170g
  • Broth ingredients : 3 piece of tang (Length and width 5cm), katsuo bushi 10g, water 1,500cc, enoki mushroom 1 bag, green onion 1 pcs, spinach 1/4 bundle, a little of crown daisy, thick soy 1 spoon
  • Source ingredients : Ground sesame 50g, infused katsuo bushi 100g, peanut butter 20g, vinegar 30g, cooking wine 30g, soy sauce 50g, ground onion 1/4 pcs

Preparation and arrangement

It‘s all right to blanch instant Shabu-Shabu jellyfish in boiling water, but for salted Shabu-Shabu jellyfish you shall wash it several times after cutting in proper size, removing saltiness and foreign material and soak it in seasoned water for 20 minutes and remove water by drying it on a wicker tray. Cut out root of enoki mushroom and slice green onion in 3cm length and wash them clean. Brush off white powder of tang and soak it in cold water 30 minutes before making a broth.

Cooking method

Scoop tang if it starts tasty after boiling it in water and boil it again by putting katsuo bushi, and when Katsuo bushi submerges, filter out broth on fine wicker tray. When broth is boiling, put vegetables prepared and eat it with sauce after it slightly boils by taking it out on a plate. Also put Shabu-Shabu jellyfish little by little on a scoop and eat it with sauce after slightly blanching it (around 3~5 seconds in boiling water).

  • I have to taste my taste because it is cold.
    All the ingredients should be stored in the refrigerator until they are ready.