• Jellyfish ingredients : Salted jellyfish (Instant naengchae jellyfish 150g)
  • Other ingredients : Crab stick 50g, cucumbers 1/3 piece, red cabbage 1/4 pcs, fried egg 50g
  • Source ingredients : 3 pieces of garlic, 1 large spoon of sugar, 2 large spoons of vinegar, 1 small spoon of salt, 2 large spoons of water [It is convenient when making it by purchasing mustard source for jellyfish naengchae with little by little mixing of Yakult.

Preparation and arrangement

It‘s all right to eat instant naengchae jellyfish after preparing side ingredient with right away mixing it into source, but for salted jellyfish, keep it in the refrigerator after removing saltiness by washing in cold water, and blanching it about 70 degree of hot water, and putting in sweet-and-sour seasoning water (use sugar, vinegar, and garlic) as high as jellyfish is absorbed, and squeezing it tightly. Shred red cabbage and soak it in cold water for about 10 minutes to remove the color.

Cooking method

Do the round cutting of cucumber in jellyfish thickness, and tear down Crab stick and keep them in refrigerator.
Make fried egg by adding starch and cut in jellyfish thickness.
Put jellyfish at the center of large plate, if possible, and place clockwise in the order of egg, Crab stick, cucumber and red cabbage and mix the source prepared.